Oculis to go Public via EBAC SPAC Merger for ~$220M

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Oculis to go Public via EBAC SPAC Merger for ~$220M


  • The combined company is expected to have a post-transaction enterprise value of ~$220M with a cash balance of ~$200M incl. ~$127.5M in EBAC’s trust & $80M upsized PIPE and private investment with the participation of institutional investors. The transaction is expected to be close in H1’23
  • The combined company will be named “Oculis Holding SA”. Oculis advances its diversified product portfolio incl. OCS-01, currently in the P-III trial for retina, P-IIb trials of OCS-02 for DED & uveitis, and a PoC trial of OCS-05 for acute optic neuritis
  • Oculis has already been involved in multiple preclinical development activities incl. OCS-03 for corneal neovascularization & is also evaluating the preclinical candidate OCS-04  for use in corneal transplant

Ref: Globenewswire | Image: Oculis 

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