Josh Rubel, CCO at MDClone, Shares Insights on the Partnership with MCI Onehealth to Accelerate Research through Global Clinical Intelligence Offering

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Josh Rubel, CCO at MDClone, Shares Insights on the Partnership with MCI Onehealth to Accelerate Research through Global Clinical Intelligence Offering


  • Josh spoke about the collaboration with MCI Onehealth. The collaboration will provide access to high-value data insights as a service for an array of research, clinical, and data science needs
  • Josh also talked about MDClone’s ADAMS platform which has a unique ability to convert datasets and cohorts of interest into synthetic files that are statistically comparable to the original data
  • The interview gives an understanding of how this partnership will enhance the use of healthcare insights to improve patient experience, service, and outcomes

Smriti: To begin with, would you please elaborate more on the advanced clinical intelligence offerings that MCI Onehealth plans to offer to its global partners? 

Josh Rubel: MCI Onehealth is an ambulatory care provider covering Ontario and Alberta. Their care and downstream data models are extremely flexible and can be tailored to collect relevant insights that benefit patients and solution developers. Leveraging these capabilities will allow MCI Onehealth to manage patients and patient populations more efficiently and effectively, thereby improving healthcare quality.

Smriti: Please brief us about your collaboration with MCI Onehealth. What were the key benefits obtained through this collaboration?

Josh Rubel: The relationship between MDClone and MCI Onehealth creates on-demand synthetic data sets that can be generated in real-time to make data and insights widely available, without risking a patient privacy breach. As a result, healthcare insights and research can be completed, in a fully private environment, without the inherent risk of including PHI.

Smriti: Would you please highlight some details about the MDClones ADAMS Platform that, together with your tech-enabled network, will provide researchers with a comprehensive picture? 

Josh Rubel: ADAMS (Ask, Discover, Act, Measure, Share) is MDClone's big data platform that ingests and organizes source data and enables on-demand synthetic derivative generation. The platform includes a full suite of analysis, measurement, and workflow tools to use the newly generated, privacy-enabled data. Working with this full set of tools, researchers are able to safely engage with fully de-identified data, and work with these resources to more rapidly achieve insights and conclusions.

Smriti: How do you plan to extend your collaboration with MCI OneHealth in the future to further improve data collection and curation for advancing healthcare research?

Josh Rubel: MCI Onehealth and MDClone will work together on innovation projects with relevant 3rd parties and partners. In addition, MCI will join MDClone's Global Network with cross-institutional and international opportunities for collaboration and research spanning. We anticipate this relationship will be longstanding and will result in improved research and insight capabilities for the many practitioners who engage with the tools and data.

Smriti: As you have mentioned that MCI encourages international opportunities to strengthen its high-quality structured clinical information, would you please mention some of such opportunities?

Josh Rubel: MCI's ambulatory network cares for a diverse and complex population across several provinces in Canada. The care experiences and real-world evidence gathered through care delivery can be used by partners from around the world to improve processes and technologies. In addition, MCI's entrance into the Global Network adds additional opportunities when multinational experience and data are of interest.  

Smriti: How do you believe your collaboration with MCI Onehealth has helped grow both businesses in Canada and how will it contribute towards marking your spot amongst global pharma & life science leaders?

Josh Rubel: The MCI and MDClone relationship enables more use of healthcare insights to improve patient experience, service, and outcomes. Working together, MCI and MDClone offer Life Science and Pharma companies a fundamentally better, faster, and SAFER way to explore healthcare data and find insights at scale. 

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About the Author: 

Josh Rubel is the CCO at MDClone. He leads MDClone's commercial team with a focus on building relationships with public and private health systems, life science, and health plan organizations through direct sales, partners, and channel alliances. Prior to joining MDClone, Josh spent 20 years in both established and new venture healthcare IT organizations including commercial leadership roles at GE Healthcare, Optum, and Enli Health Intelligence. Josh gained his bachelor's degree in history and political science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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