Ziopharm Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with NIH to Develop and Commercialize TCRs Targeting Neoantigen for Cancer

Ziopharm Oncology’s Controlled IL-12 Platform Receives EMA’s COMP Positive Recommendation for Orphan Drug Designation to Treat Glioma


  • NIH to receive $1.5M upfront, $16.3M as clinical, regulatory & commercial milestones including $3M prior to marketing approval in the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, China & India and $0.1M at the initiation of P-I study, $12M as commercial milestone and royalties on sales of products with $0.046M as reimbursement payment for patent
  • Ziopharm to get exclusive IP rights of two technologies dealing with TCRs against neoantigens in hotspots including mutated KRAS, p53 and EGFR by using Sleeping Beauty platform and manufacturing methods to produce modified T-cells and non-exclusive WW license to certain additional manufacturing technologies
  • The non-viral Sleeping Beauty platform genetically modifies T-Cells with DNA plasmids targeting specific antigen in solid tumors and CARs targeting CD19 in blood cancer. Additionally, Ziopharm is also developing Controlled IL-12 platform in collaboration with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

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