Top Performing Drugs: Proceeding the Series

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Top Performing Drugs: Proceeding the Series


  • Subsequent to our last year’s series titled “Top Performing Drugs of 2021”, PharmaShots presents a list of 12 high revenue-generating drugs
  • With the ongoing pandemic playing an instrumental role in reshaping the life science industry now and then, it becomes increasingly onerous for the pharmaceutical industry to keep up with the growing global demands
  • PharmaShots has sorted a list of the next 12 drugs, based on the 2021 sales, excluding the COVID drugs and vaccines

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 accelerated the development and approval of new drugs for the treatment of the disease, with several pharmaceutical companies and research institutions working tirelessly to find effective treatments and vaccines against the virus. The last two years indubitably had been sort of a challenge for the life science industry, especially in terms of offering healthcare facilities, meeting unmet demands, and most importantly procurement and supply chain management.

Numerous pharmaceutical companies have developed and authorized vaccines to provide immunity against COVID-19. Despite the drenched market of covid products, many other drugs have set an impressive benchmark for pharmaceutical companies in 2021.

In the previous year, PharmaShots presented a list of 12 drugs that were among the top based on 2021 sales. In continuance to our report on the top performing drug, PharmaShots presents a list of the next 12 drugs sorted based on the 2021 sales, excluding the COVID drugs and vaccines.

We will be presenting the complete product profile of each of the products from the list. Watch out for the full report on Dupixent tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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