Know Your Investor: OrbiMed Advisors

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Know Your Investor: OrbiMed Advisors


  • Know Your Investor’s October Edition focuses on a renowned healthcare investment firm, OrbiMed Advisors, known for making considerable investments in healthcare companies  

  • In 1989, Viren Mehta and Samuel Isaly founded a money management and research organization, an antecedent to OrbiMed. The company made its first investment in 1993  

  • In 2022, OrbiMed Advisors made 31 investments. The highest remains, the investment made to ACELYRIN worth $300M  

OrbiMed Advisors

An American investment firm, OrbiMed Advisors is a renowned name among the various venture capital firms. The company primarily makes public and private investments in the Healthcare and Biotechnology sectors. With headquarters in New York City, United States, today OrbiMed has a global presence among major pharma and biotech companies.  

In 1989, Viren Mehta and Samuel Isaly established Mehta & Isaly as a money management and research organization. Later in 1998, Mehta & Islay dissolved into two distinct businesses: OrbiMed, which came from Islay, and Mehta Partners, which came from Mehta.   

OrbiMed expanded its presence in Asia by opening offices in Shanghai and Mumbai in 2007 and the Middle East with a new inauguration in Herzliya, Israel. 

In addition to Series A, B, C, and D rounds, OrbiMed was primarily linked to common fundraising investments in 2022. With the help of many investment rounds, the company has an extensive portfolio of companies, including Adicet Bio, Arcutis, Bionova Pharmaceuticals, Compass Therapeutics, Edgewise Therapeutics, Fusion Therapeutics, and Netmeds.com, among others. The organization made 31 investments in 2022 with the highest investment made to ACELYRIN for a total of $300M.   

The majority of OrbiMed's investments in 2022 went to biopharma companies, including Apogee Therapeutics Inc., Compass Therapeutics LLC, Enliven Therapeutics Inc., and VectivBio AG (Ironwood) among others. Device, Diagnostics, and Manufacturing/Services were other areas in which OrbiMed invested. Furthermore, the company has also invested in a vast spectrum of technologies, including Antibody Drugs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cell Therapy, Digital Health, Gene Editing/CRISPR, Gene Therapy, Immunotherapy, Peptide, RNA Therapies, Small Molecule, Stem Cell, etc. OrbiMed had the highest investments made in the company developing small molecules or antibody drugs.   

Of the total investments made by OrbiMed in 2022, 42% of the investments were made under Series A financing, whereas 30% was made under Series B financing. The top 3 investments made by OrbiMed were as follows:  

  1. Series C funding worth $300M to ACELYRIN Inc. 

  1. Series B funding worth $225M to DELFI Diagnostic Inc. 

  1. Series A funding worth $200M to Upstream Biosciences Inc. 

Additionally, OrbiMed took part in roughly 10 funding rounds in the first quarter of 2022, 8 in the second, 3 in the third, and 10 in the last quarter. Biopharma companies, including Apogee Therapeutics Inc., Compass Therapeutics LL, Enliven Therapeutics Inc., and VectivBio AG (Ironwood) received the largest amount of investment out of this financing made by the firm in 2022. In addition, OrbiMed made investments in Alpheus Medical Inc., Upstream Biosciences Inc., and MDClone, among other companies.  

OrbiMed made significant investments in companies that develop therapeutics that target indications under oncology. DELFI Diagnostic Inc. received $225 million from OrbiMed in total while Enliven Therapeutics Inc. received $165 million, ImmPACT Bio Inc. received $111 million, and Capstan Therapeutics received $102 million.  

The table below showcases the top 5 funding rounds out of the 31 investments made by OrbiMed Advisors in 2022. (For a complete report, reach out to us at connect@pharmashots.com with the subject line "OrbiMed Advisors Data") 

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