PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (November 20 – November 24, 2023)

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PharmaShots Weekly Snapshots (November 20 – November 24, 2023)

This week PharmaShots’ news was all about the updates on regulatory, Animal Health, Pharma, BioSimilars, M&A, Clinical Trials and COVID-19. Check out our full report below:

The European Commission Approved BeiGene’s Brukinsa with Obinutuzumab for the Treatment of Follicular Lymphoma

Read More: BeiGene                                                                                     

 AstraZeneca’s Truqap (capivasertib) + Fulvestrant Received the US FDA's Approval for the treatment of advanced HR-positive breast cancer

Read More: AstraZeneca                                                                                

 Masimo Received the US FDA's Approval for OTC and Prescription use for their W1 Medical Watch

Read More:  Masimo                                                                                      

 Almirall’s Ebglyss (lebrikizumab) Received EC’s Approval for the Treatment of Moderate-to-severe Atopic Dermatitis 

Read More:  Almirall                                                                                     

The European Commission Approved Ascendis’ Yorvipath for the Treatment of Chronic Hypoparathyroidism

Read More:  Ascendis                                                                                 

The US FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) will review sBLA for Abecma jointly developed by BMS & 2seventy Bio

Read More:  BMS & 2seventy Bio                                                               

Pixyl's Pixyl.Neuro AI-powered Brain MRI Software Received the US FD’s 510(k) Approval

Read More:  Pixyl                                                                                          

European Patent Office Cancelled Moderna mRNA Patent 

Read More:  Moderna                                                                                  

The US FDA Approved GE Healthcare’s Digital Expert Access 

Read More:  GE Healthcare                                                                        

The US FDA Approved Senhwa Bioscience' IND for P-II Study of Silmitasertib in Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Caused by Viral Infection

Read More:  Senhwa Bioscience                                                           

The European Commission (EC) has Approved the Market Authorization for Trastuzumab, a Biosimilar Developed by EirGenix

Read More:  EirGenix                                                                                 

The EC Approved Boehringer Ingelheim’s Senvelgo for the treatment of Feline diabetes

Read More:  Boehringer Ingelheim                                                       

Siemens’s Biograph Vision.X PET/CT Scanner Receives the US FDA Approval

Read More:  Siemens                                                                               

The NMPA Accepts Innovent's NDA for IBI351 & Grants Priority Review Designation

Read More:  Innovent                                                                               

The NMPA Approves Everest Medicine’s Nefecon for the Treatment of Primary IgA Nephropathy

Read More:  Everest Medicine                                                                  

The EC Approves Vertex’s Kaftrio + Ivacaftor for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Read More: Vertex                                                                                    


To develop CRE-DR-B, EpitoMAP, Animal Allergy Clinical Laboratories (AACL), and Kogyo entered into a collaboration and license agreement

Read More: Animal Allergy Clinical Laboratories & Kogyo                  

MediciNova Reports New Data from the P-II Study of MN-166 (ibudilast) for glioblastoma at Annual Meeting Of SNO            

Read More: MediciNova                                                                            

New data from P-III study (INDIGO) presented by Servier to treat Glioma Patients 

Read More: Servier                                                                                        

MIRA Pharmaceutical Entered into An Exclusive Licensing Agreement with MIRALOGX for Ketamir-2

Read More: MIRA Pharmaceutical & MIRALOGX                                      

Beigene to Purchase the Exclusive Worldwide License for Ensem Therapeutics' Investigational Oral CDK2 Inhibitor EXT-197

Read More: Beigene & Ensem Therapeutics                                            

PharmAbcine Published the results of Preclinical Data of PMC-403 for Clarkson Disease

Read More: PharmAbcine                                                                          

Simcere Collaborates with Connect Biopharm & Enters into an Exclusive License Agreement for Rademikibart

Read More: Simcere & Connect Biopharm                                              

In Europe, Sandoz Launches a High-Concentration Formulation of Hyrimoz

Read More: Sandoz                                                                                    

 Merck Announces Acquisition of Caraway Therapeutics

Read More:  Merck                                                                                   

Freeline to be Acquired by Syncona in All Cash Transactions

Read More:  Freeline                                                                                

The Ownership of GSK4381406 is Reclaimed by Sosei Heptares from GSK

Read More:  GSK & Sosei Heptares                                                         

Innovent Reports the Result P-II Study of Mazdutide (IBI362) On Chinese Patients with Type-2 Diabetes (T2D)

Read More:  Innovent                                                                                

T3 Pharma Aquired by Boehringer Ingelheim for the Amount of $508.2M

Read More:  Boehringer Ingelheim & T3 Pharma                                 

Junshi Biosciences Publishes the Result of VV116 in P-III to treat COVID-19 in The Lancet

Read More:  Junshi Biosciences         

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Kritika is a content writer at PharmaShots. She is interested in covering recent innovations from the pharma & MedTech industry. She covers news related to Product approvals, clinical trial results, and updates. She can be contacted at connect@pharmashots.com.

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