Your Guide to Conference Coverage in the Healthcare Industry

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Your Guide to Conference Coverage in the Healthcare Industry



  • An ocean of knowledge, an aggregation of thought leaders, and an assembly of pharma enthusiasts like us, healthcare Conferences are turning out to be the cornerstone of ideas, learning, and most importantly, a budding spot for networking with like-minded people 

  • Conference coverage can be a convoluted task and requires immense planning before, at, and after a conference 

  • The article navigates the benefits of conferences while defying the conventional definition of conference coverage and introduces a three-step guide to effective conference coverage 

Conferences offer immense opportunities to connect with like-minded people and gather insights from thought leaders. For clinical-stage biopharma companies conferences are more of a tool for networking and seeking funding and support. When it comes to consulting companies, conferences provide invaluable information on competitive environment and business intelligence. PharmaShots your go-to media platform, brings an easy guide to conference coverage.   

In the biopharmaceutical industry, conferences are pivotal in gathering intelligence and insights through sessions and KOL interactions. But often young companies are stuck in a dilemma on whether to use their judicious time gathering invaluable information or building networks.   

What Exactly Does Conference Coverage Mean? 

Simply put, Conference coverage aims to provide an exhaustive report on the key takeaways, and published literature compiling all the abstracts, KOLs, and patient insights that play instrumental roles in product development. The report helps pharma companies and professionals familiarize themselves with trends and innovations in the industry, pipeline intelligence, and major advancements in the industry.  

Benefits of Conferences 

Conferences offer immense advantages for small to mid and large to giant biopharma companies. Conferences are oceans of knowledge that help companies keep up with the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry. Let’s take a look into the key advantages of Conferences:  

  • Self-Evaluation: Conferences help in self-evaluation! Yes, by participating in conferences or going through a comprehensive conference coverage, you come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your company, and at the same time you also get to know about the market opportunities and potential threats   

  • Networking Opportunities: Building a strong network of researchers, KOLs, thought leaders, and investors, comes in handy when you participate in conferences 

  • Market Assessment: Conferences are a great source of information when it comes to addressing unmet needs in the healthcare sector  

  • Familiarization with Trends and Innovations: Biopharma and innovations are complementary to each other and go hand in hand. By leveraging technologies and innovations in molecule selection and expediting drug development, companies save their precious time and resources  

PharmaShots’ 3-Step Guide to Conference Coverage 

PharmaShots as a media partner, covers several global biopharma and healthcare conferences and guides companies with tailored analyses that play significant roles in decision-making, gathering business intelligence, and market segmentation. PharmaShots Guide to Conference Coverage offers an all-inclusive yet condensed methodology that can be used by biopharma media houses looking to make a career out of conferences and events. 

1. Pre-Conference Planning 

The step involves meticulously identifying, screening, and categorizing abstracts to filter the content tailored to your needs. The most effective methodology to deploy at Pre-Conference Planning remains going through the daily agenda. 

2. During Conference 

During the conference, the coverage team diligently gathers insights from the presentations and posters. The insights pave the foundation of your post-conference report and analysis. Interactions with KOLs during networking help gather a profound understanding of the unmet needs, breakthrough discoveries, and efforts of the decision-makers. 

3. Post Conference 

By carefully going through the insights from the presentations, speakers, and posters, analysts prepare a comprehensive report on the conference, citing information from the company’s development, commercialization journey, marketing, real-world analysis, leveraged new-age technology, and so forth. 


Octavus Conference Coverage  


Octavus Consulting’s conference coverage offering is tailored to your needs. With solutions ranging from Business research and data analytics to market research, it offers a one-stop solution to biopharma, biotech, MedTech, diagnostics, and animal health companies. 


When it comes to conference coverage, Octavus offers curated services saving both your precious time and resources.  

Conclusions & Perspectives 

Conferences are vast reserves of information and are more like modern congregations in the context of healthcare. These gatherings help companies reinvent themselves with practices, trends, unmet needs, and more. PharmaShots’ parent company Octavus specializes in providing companies with intelligence from conferences with high-quality data analytics. For more information reach out to us at bd@octavusconsulting.com or connect@pharmashots.com   

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Saurabh Chaubey

Saurabh is a Senior Content Writer at PharmaShots. He is a voracious reader and follows the recent trends and innovations of life science companies diligently. His work at PharmaShots involves writing articles, editing content, and proofreading drafts. He has a knack for writing content that covers the Biotech, MedTech, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare sectors.

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