Microsoft Launches $40M AI Program to Accelerate Health Initiatives Globally

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Microsoft Launches $40M AI Program to Accelerate Health Initiatives Globally


  • Microsoft launches a $40M- 5yrs. program AI for Health as a part of AI for Good Initiative program to empower researchers and organizations addressing the world’s toughest challenges in health
  • The program will work to aid academia and non-profit research organizations for their medical research efforts addressing the global health crises and healthcare discrepancies. The program will build on company’s previous collaboration with multiple organizations including BRAC- IRIS- Novartis Foundation- PATH
  • The AI for Health initiative will focus on three key areas i.e- quest for discovery- global health insights and health equity. Additionally- AI for Good Initiative includes AI for Accessibility- AI for Cultural Heritage- AI for Earth and AI for Humanitarian Action

Click here ­to­ read full press release/ article | Ref: Microsoft | Image: Microsoft

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