GSK Signs a Five Years Collaboration with Lyell to Develop Technologies Improving Cell Therapies for Cancer

GSK and Hitachi Chemical Signs a Three-year Agreement for T-cell Therapy


  • Lyell to apply its technologies to strengthen GSK’s cell therapy pipeline including GSK3377794 targeting the NY-ESO-1 antigen expressed along multiple cancer plus an approach to counter T cell exhaustion while increasing probability for delivering cancer therapies
  • The focus of the agreement is to combine the GSK’s strong cell and gene therapy programmes with Lyell’s technologies maximizing the activity and specificity of cell therapies in solid tumor cancers
  • The collaboration is built on GSK’s manufacturing platform and expertise for cell and gene therapy, which developed novel approved ex vivo gene therapy (Strimvelis) for ADA-SCID in 2016. GSK3377794 is a NY-ESO-1-directed genetically modified autologous T cell immunotherapy and has received EMA’s  PRIME Designation and FDA’s BT designation

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