Bayer Launches a LifeHub UK for the Development of AI-Enabled Imaging Solutions Enhancing Data-Driven Drug Discovery and Disease Diagnosis

Bayer Signs a Research and Development Collaboration with Arvinas for its PROTAC Technology


  • LifeHub UK launch is the seventh pillar in Bayer’s WW network of LifeHubs targeting acceleration and optimization of disease detection and data-driven drug discovery utilizing AI-enabled imaging solutions. Bayer also signed an agreement with Sensyne Health, being the first company to enter LifeHub UK while companies will jointly conduct R&D activities for developing AI solutions  
  • The focus of the launch is to develop AI-enabled digital solutions based on Bayer’s knowledge and expertise in the medical imaging field delivering patient benefits with improved diagnoses enabling early disease management and detection
  • The Life Hub is in Reading’s Green Park at the heart of the Thames Valley boasting 45,000+ tech-related jobs and contributing 12B pound to UK annual digital technology revenues. Additionally, the six other centers LifeHubs are in Berlin, Boston, California, Lyon, Singapore and Tokyo/Osaka

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