Abbott’s HeartMate 3 Heart Pump Receives the US FDA’s Approval for Patients to Avoid Open Heart Surgery

Abbott Reports Results of High Sensitive Troponin-I Blood Test for Risk Assessment of Heart Diseases


  • The approval is based on two studies: the ELEVATE and LAT Feasibility study assessing HeartMate 3 Heart Pump and resulted that bleeding (requiring surgery), infection and arrhythmias is higher in patients with an open heart rather than group implanted
  • The MOMENTUM 3 clinical trial has also demonstrated successful implants and offering survival rates with its design and size as compared to open-heart surgery
  • The HeartMate 3 Heart Pump can be implanted with small incision in the chest via lateral thoracotomy leading to less bleeding with shorter recovery time for patients and is alternative for patients receiving HeartMate 3 LVAD, a small implantable mechanical circulatory support device for heart failures

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