Pfizer Signs an Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with eFFECTOR to Develop Therapies for Cancer Indications

At ESMO'18, Pfizer Presents Results of PALOMA-3 Trial Results of Ibrance and Fulvestrant


  • eFFECTOR to get $15M up front, $492M R&D funding, development and sales milestone payments, plus royalties on sales of product and has an option to co-promote with equal profit/loss sharing in the US. Pfizer to get exclusive WW rights to license to develop eFFECTOR’s eIF4E for multiple cancer indications
  • The focus of the agreement is to combine eFFECTOR’s development capabilities and Pfizer’s global commercial resources to develop eIF4E inhibitor therapies for cancer patients
  • eIF4E (eukaryotic initiation factor 4E) is an effector protein that integrates signals from multiple oncogenes and tumor suppressor proteins in the PI3K and RAS oncogenic pathways (including PI3K, AKT, mTOR, PTEN and BRAF) and regulates the translation of mRNA from those regulated by MNK1/2 and eIF4A

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