Eli Lilly to Acquire Dermira for $1.1B

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Eli Lilly to Acquire Dermira for $1.1B


  • Lilly acquires Dermira in all-cash transaction making total deal value ~$1.1B at $18.75/share representing premium of 86% to the 60-day volume-weighted average trading price of Dermira's stock ending on January 9- 2020- with expected closure of agreement in Q1’20
  • The focus of the acquisition is to expand Eli Lilly’s immunology pipeline with the addition of Dermira’s P-III candidate- Lebrikizumab and its dermatology marketed portfolio with Qbrexza (glycopyrronium) cloth
  • Lebrikizumab is a mAb targeted to bind IL-13 with very high affinity- preventing the formation of IL-13Rα1/IL-4Rα heterodimer complex targeted for mod-to-sev atopic dermatitis in adolescent and adult. Qbrexza cloth is FDA approved medicated cloth to treat primary axillary hyperhidrosis (uncontrolled excessive underarm sweating)

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 Ref: PRNewswire | Image: Eli Lilly

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