Cipla Launches Cipremi at $53.34 per Vial in India

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Cipla Launches Cipremi at $53.34 per Vial in India


  • Cipla has priced its generic version of remdesivir- Cipremi at Rs 4000 ($53.34/ 100ml) vial- making it the lowest priced COVID-19 therapy across the globe- when compared with Hetero’s Covifor which is sold at Rs 5-400/ 100 mg vial and Mylan’s Desrem is priced at Rs 4-800.
  • The company focuses on supplying over 80-000 vials within the first month. To ensure equitable distribution- Cipremi will be available via government and hospital channels 
  • On Jul 07- 2020- Sovereign Pharma- which is manufacturing and packaging the therapy for Cipla had dispatched the first batch. Gilead has priced the original version at $390/ 100 mg vial for developed countries while signed a license agreement with generic producers to make the treatment widely available

Click here to read full press release/ article | Ref: Reuters | Image: Express Pharma

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