PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (March 23-27, 2020)

1. Mylan Delays its Merger with Upjohn Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: Mylan, Delays, Merger, Upjohn, Due, COVID-19 Pandemic

2.  Medopad Provides its Remote Patient Monitoring Platform to Support Global COVID-19 Pandemic2

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: Medopad, Provides, Remote Patient Monitoring Platform, Support, Global, COVID-19 Pandemic

3.  Quidel’s Lyra SARS-CoV-2 Assay Receives the US FDA’s Expanded Emergency Use Authorization for Molecular Detection of COVID-19

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: Quidel, Lyra SARS-CoV-2 Assay, Receives, US, FDA, Expanded, Emergency Use Authorization, Molecular Detection, COVID-19

4. Sanofi’s Sarclisa (isatuximab) Receives CHMP’s Positive Opinion for Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma

Published: Mar 27, 2020 | Tags: Sanofi, Sarclisa, isatuximab, Receives, CHMP, Positive Opinion, Relapsed, Refractory, Multiple Myeloma

5.  BMS’ Zeposia (ozanimod) Receives the US FDA’s Approval as New Oral Treatment for Relapsing Forms of Multiple Sclerosis

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: BMS, Zeposia, ozanimod, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, New Oral Treatment, Relapsing Forms, Multiple Sclerosis

6. Boehringer Ingelheim Signs a Second Research Collaboration with Saniona to Develop Therapies Targeting Schizophrenia

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: Boehringer Ingelheim, Signs, Second, Research Collaboration, Saniona, Develop, Therapy, Targeting, Schizophrenia

7.  PRA Health Sciences Launches COVID-19 Monitoring App to Track Symptoms

Published: Mar 20, 2020 | Tags: PRA Health Sciences, Launches, COVID-19, Monitoring App, Track, Symptoms

8. Gates Foundation Collaborates with the Consortium of Life Sciences Companies to Address Challenges Against the Pandemic COVID-19

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: Gates Foundation, Collaborates, Consortium of Life Sciences Companies, Addressing, Challenges, Against, COVID-19 Pandemic

9. AstraZeneca’s Lokelma (sodium zirconium cyclosilicate) Receives MHLW’s Approval for the Treatment of Hyperkalemia in Japan

Published: Mar 26, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Lokelma, sodium zirconium cyclosilicate, Receives, MHLW, Approval, Treatment, Hyperkalemia, Japan

10. Vir Biotechnology Signs a License Agreement with Xencor to Utilize Xtend Fc Technology in Antibodies Targeting COVID-19

Published: Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: Vir Biotechnology, Signs, License Agreement, Xencor, Xtend Fc Technology, Antibodies, Targeting, COVID-19

11. Sorrento to Initiate the Novel Decoy Cellular Vaccine Program for COVID-19

Published: Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: Sorrento, Initiates, STI-6991, Novel, Decoy, Cellular Vaccine, Covid-19

12. AstraZeneca Collaborates with Silence Therapeutics to Develop siRNA Therapeutics Targeting Multiple Diseases

Published: Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Collaborates, Silence Therapeutics, Develop, siRNA Therapeutics, Targeting, Multiple Diseases

13. Samsung Bioepis Receives the US FDA’s Approval for Multi-Dose Vial of Ontruzant (biosimilar, trastuzumab)

Published: Mar 24, 2020 | Tags: Samsung Bioepis, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Multi-Dose Vial, Ontruzant, biosimilar, trastuzumab

14. Alvotech Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with DKSH for AVT02 (biosimilar, adalimumab) in Asia

Published:  Mar 24, 2020 | Tags: Alvotech, Signs, Exclusive, License Agreement, DKSH, AVT02, biosimilar, adalimumab, Asia

15. Merck KGaA’s Tepmetko (tepotinib) Receives the Japanese MHLW’s Approval for Advanced NSCLC with METex14 Skipping Alterations

Published: Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: Merck KGaA, Tepmetko, tepotinib, Receives, MHLW, Approval, Advanced, NSCLC, METex14 Skipping Alterations

16. Elevar Therapeutics Acquires Worldwide Development and Commercialization Rights for Oasmia’s Apealea

Published: Mar 25, 2020 | Tags: Elevar Therapeutics, Acquires, Worldwide, Development, Commercialization, Rights, Oasmia, Apealea

17. Sorrento Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with Mabpharm for ACE-MAB to Treat COVID-19

Published: Mar 24, 2020 | Tags: Sorrento, Signs, Exclusive, License Agreement, Mabpharm,  ACE-MAB, COVID-19

18. Astellas Collaborates with CytomX Therapeutics to Develop Probody T-Cell Engaging Bispecific Therapies for Cancer Indications

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: Astellas, Collaborates, CytomX Therapeutics, Develop, Probody, T-Cell Engaging Bispecific Therapies, Cancer Indications

19. QIAGEN Releases QIAstat-Dx Test Kit as the First Syndromic Test to Detect COVID-19 Under New FDA Policy

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: QIAGEN, Releases, QIAstat-Dx Test Kit, First Syndromic Test, Detect, COVID-19, Under, New, FDA Policy

20. Genentech Receives the US FDA’s Approval for P-III Clinical Study Evaluating Actemra to Treat Hospitalized Patients with Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags:  Genentec, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, P-III, Clinical Study, Evaluating, Actemra, Treat, Hospitalized, Patients, Severe, COVID-19, Pneumonia

21. Sorrento and SmartPharm To Develop Novel Gene-Encoded Antibody Vaccine for COVID-19

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags:  Sorrento, SmartPharm, Develop, Novel, Gene-Encoded, Antibody, Vaccine, COVID-19

22. Roche Highlights its Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Published: Mar 24, 2020 | Tags: Roche, Highlights, Response, COVID-19, Pandemic

23. Amgen and its Foundation Grant $12.5M to Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts Globally

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: Amgen, Foundation, Grant, $12.5M, COVID-19, Relief Efforts, Globally

24. Takeda Collaborates with Codexis to Advance Novel Gene Therapies for Rare Genetic Disorders

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Collaborates, Codexis, Advance, Novel, Gene Therapies, Rare Genetic Disorders

25. Celltrion to Launch Rapid Self-Testing Kit and Accelerates the Development of Treatment Against COVID-19

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: Celltrion, Launch, Rapid Self-Testing Kit, Accelerates, Development, Treatment, Against, COVID-19

26. Sorrento Develops STI-4398 (COVIDTRAP Protein) to Prevent and Treat COVID-19

Published: Mar 20, 2020 | Tags: Sorrento, Develops, STI-4398, COVIDTRAP Protein, Prevent, Treat, COVID-19

27. Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies Expand Their Collaboration for Mapping the Immune Response to COVID-19

Published: Mar 20, 2020 | Tags: Microsoft, Adaptive Biotechnologies, Expand, Collaboration, Mapping, Immune Response, COVID-19

28. Bayer Signs a Research and License Agreement with Curadev to Develop Novel STING Antagonists Across Multiple Indications

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: Bayer, Curadev, Signs, Research, License Agreement, Develop, Novel, STING Antagonists, Across, Multiple Indications

29. Takeda’s Entyvio (vedolizumab) Receives NMPA’s Approval to Treat Moderate to Severe Active Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

Published: Mar 23, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Entyvio, vedolizumab, Receives, NMPA, Approval, Treat, Moderate, Severe, Active, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease