Biocad with its Partner ICM Received the Registration Certificate for two of its Biosimilar in EU

  • The partner received Registration Certificate for its Acellbia (biosimilar, rituximab) and Herticad (biosimilars, trastuzumab) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, countries on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern EU. The Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina has granted certificate with expected market launch in this year
  • Biocad will be responsible to produce agents and while ICM will manage the distribution and the sales of two biosimilars will enable the saving in FHIF also granted treatment options. Additionally, the company is planning for moving to Serbian market
  • Rituximab is a mAb, act by targeting CD20, present on the surface of B lymphocytes. When it attaches to CD20, rituximab aid in destroying B cells. Trastuzumab is a mAb, works by attaching to HER2

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