BARDA Grants ~ $483M to Moderna for Accelerating the Development of mRNA-1273 Against COVID-19


  • BARDA will fund ~$483M for the advancement of mRNA-1273 to FDA licensure. The funding will scale-up the manufacturing process and enables a large-scale production in 2020 while Moderna plans to hire ~150 new employees in the US to support the scale-up
  • The mRNA-1273 is currently under P-I study, being conducted by NIH. The P-I study, initiated on Mar 16, 2020, has completed enrollment of the original study: 45 healthy volunteers aged 18-55 yrs in three dose cohorts (25µg, 100µg & 250 µg)
  • The NIH has recently amended P-I study to include an additional six cohorts: 3 cohorts of older adults (aged 51-70yrs.) and 3 cohorts of elderly adults (aged≥ 71yrs.), enrollment for which is ongoing. Following the safety data from P-III study, the company expects to initiate P-II study in Q2’20 and P-III study in the fall of 2020

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