CEPI to Invest ~$328M in Clover's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

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CEPI to Invest ~$328M in Clover's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate


  • CEPI’s total investment in Clover’s S-Trimer vaccine candidate will be up to $328 M- including $69.5M previously announced have funded preclinical studies and P-l study- preparations for the global pivotal P-ll/lll efficacy study- and initial manufacturing scale-up activities
  • The expanded collaboration will provide $258.5M for a global pivotal P-ll/lll efficacy clinical trial which is expected to begin before the end of 2020 and generates the safety and efficacy data to support licensure of the vaccine candidate in China and across the globe
  • The collaboration anticipates that the vaccine will be made available for procurement and allocation through the COVAX Facility- which aims to fairly distribute 2B doses of COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2021

  Ref: Businesswire | Image: Los Angeles Times

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