TOP 20 Animal Health Companies of 2020 by Total Revenue

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TOP 20 Animal Health Companies of 2020 by Total Revenue

  • Humans depends on livestock for survival and Animal Health has always been an issue to look for since it directly reflects the betterment of human life
  • For a country’s economy and balanced human life, proper care and disease-free health of animals play a key role. Since rapid environmental change has targeted animal health, it becomes important to expand the innovation procedure in the field of medicines meant for animal health
  • In the Top 20 ledgers, Zoetis ensured the top position with total revenue of $6.67B. Our team at PharmaShots has compiled the report of the top 20 Animal Health companies based on the 2020 animal health revenue



Revenue: $0.08B

Founded: 2000

Market Cap: $6.32B

Total Employees: 24,412

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

Stock Exchange: NSE

Zydus Animal Health is an Indian company that works and targets its efforts in the business of production, marketing, and distribution of animal health and veterinary products. In 2021, ZAHL entered into a business transfer agreement to sell and transfer its animal healthcare unit. For the year 2020, ZAHL recorded total sales of $0.08B.


19. KRKA

Revenue: $0.09B

Founded: 1954

Market Cap: $4.0B

Total Employees: 11, 677

Headquarter: Novo Mesto-Slovenia, Europe

Stock Exchange: WSE

KRKA is a multinational pharmaceutical company that focuses its key targets on the production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products, and animal health products. It supplies a broad range of products for companion animals with new combinations, pharmaceutical forms, and technologies. KRKA is the second pharmaceutical company in terms of manufacturing animal health products in the market. In 2020, KRKA recorded total sales of $0.09B in the animal health market.



Revenue: $0.09B

Founded: 1988

Market Cap: $0.27B

Total employees: 200

Headquarter: North Yorkshire, England

Stock Exchange: LON

AnimalCare is a multinational group that focuses on developing and bringing new and innovative animal health products. It exports its products in around 40 countries in Europe and worldwide. Animalcare is expecting to launch Daxocox in 2021. In September 2020, AnimalCare signed an agreement with Kane Biotech to create a joint venture called STEM Animal Health. In 2020, AnimalCare recorded sales of $0.09B from the animal health sector.



Revenue: $0.10B

Founded: 1917

Market Cap: $0.11B

Total Employees: 3,311

Headquarter: Espoo, Finland

Stock Exchange: NYSE

Orion is a globally leading pharmaceutical company that develops and manufactures proprietary, specialty, and animal health products. In June 2020, USFDA granted authorization to Clevor. In 2020, Orion generated total revenue of $0.10B from its animal health segment.



Revenue: $0.14B

Founded: 1987

Market Cap: $0.24B

Total Employees: 1212

Headquarter: Paulo, Brazil

Stock Exchange: BVMF

Ouro Fino Saude Animal operates as a pharmaceutical company that focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of veterinary and animal healthcare products. The company is involved in the research and development of veterinary drugs and vaccines. In 2020, Ouro Fino Saude Animal recorded sales of $0.14B.



Revenue: $0.14B

Founded: 1972

Market Cap: $0.14B

Total Employees: 204

Headquarter: New Malden, England

Stock Exchange: LON

Eco Animal health is a global leader specializing in high-quality medicines for the animal health sector. In June 2020, Eco animal health received European marketing authorization for the use of Aivlosin for the treatment and metaphylaxis of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in pigs. In 2020, Eco animal health generated total revenue of $0.14B.


Revenue: $0.18B

Founded: 2002

Market Cap: $0.52B

Total Employees: 1,952

Headquarter: Bangalore, India

Stock Exchange: NSE

Sequent Scientific Limited is one of India’s largest animal health companies that has expanded its business in over 100 countries. It is among the Top 20 animal health companies. In December 2020, Sequent launched Citramox in 10 European countries. In 2020, Sequent Scientific Limited recorded sales of $0.18B.



Revenue: $0.19B

Founded: 1988

Market Cap: $1.83B

Total Employees: 347

Headquarter: Loveland-Colorado-United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Heska is a US-based rapidly emerging pharmaceutical company providing the benefits of the latest generation technologies for animal health care. It focuses on selling veterinary and animal health products. In April 2020, Heska completed the acquisition of Scil animal care company. In October 2020, it also completed acquisition of Optomed. In 2020, Heska recorded total sales of $0.19B.



Revenue: $0.41B

Founded: 1982

Market Cap: $4.83B

Total Employees: 1,800

Headquarter: Lansing-Michigan, United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Neogen develops and markets products and services dedicated to food and animal safety. The company's diagnostic products are used by food and animal producers to test for foodborne bacteria, food allergens, natural toxins, drugs, chemical residues, plant diseases, and quality assurance. In March 2020, Neogen completed the acquisition of Chilean food and animal safety company. In 2020, Neogen recorded total sales of $0.41B.



Revenue: $0.52B

Founded: 1933

Market Cap: $1.77B

Total Employees: 2,200

Headquarter: Lure, France

Stock Exchange: EPA

Vetoquinol is a France based one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world. In September 2020, Vetoquinol completed the acquisition of Profender and Drontal product families. Vetoquinol is growing and expanding its animal health market with countries like brazil. In 2020, Vetoquinol Generated total revenue of $0.52B.



Revenue: $0.54B

Founded: 1955

Market Cap: N/A

Total Employees: 1,375

Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Stock Exchange: N/A

Kyoritsu Seiyaku is a Japan-based pharmaceutical company that targets its efforts for manufacturing drugs for animals. It offers a wide range of animal health products at comprehensively reduced costs. In 2020. Kyoritsu Seiyaku recorded total revenue of $0.54B.



Revenue: $0.833B

Founded: 1946

Market Cap: $0.85B

Total Employees: 1,725

Headquarter: New Jersey, United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Phibro Animal Health is a leading global developer and diversified nutrition and animal health company. The company derives its total revenue from the segment-animal health and nutrition. In 2020, Phibro animal health recorded total sales of $0.83B from its animal health segment.



Revenue: $0.839

Founded: 1997

Market Cap: $7.21B

Total Employees: 1,889

Headquarter: Lostock Gralam, United Kingdom

Stock Exchange: LON

Dechra Pharmaceuticals is a globally specializing company focused on developing, manufacturing, and marketing sales of high-quality products for the veterinary market worldwide. The company works for the global improvement of animal health. In 2020, Dechra Pharmaceuticals recorded total sales of $0.71B from its animal health segment.



Revenue: $1.14B

Founded: 1968

Market Cap: $4.03B

Total Employees: 4,900

Headquarter: Carros, France

Stock Exchange: EPA

Virbac is a French company that is dedicated to animal healthcare. Virbac is helping to advance the field of animal care by innovating the best quality products. In 2020, Virbac generated total revenue of $1.14B.



Revenue: $2.38B

Founded: 1983

Market Cap: $52.92B

Total Employees: 9,300

Headquarter: Westbrook, Maine, United States

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Idexx Laboratories is an American multinational corporation that provides diagnostic, detection, and information systems for veterinary, food, and water testing applications. In 2020, Idexx generated total revenue of $2.38B in the animal health segment.


Revenue: $3.27B

Founded: 1954

Market Cap: $13.41B

Total Employees: 10,200

Headquarter: Greenfield, Indiana, United States

Stock Exchange: NYSE

ELANCO is a US-based health care company that innovates, develops, and manufactures products for animals. In August 2020, Elanco completed the acquisition of Bayer animal health. In October 2020, Elanco’ Elura received US FDA approval. In 2020, Elanco recorded higher sales of $3.27B in comparison to that in 2019.



Revenue: $4.33B

Founded: 2018

Market Cap: $2.70B

Total Employees: 5,657

Headquarter: Portland, Maine

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ

Covetrus is a growing animal health care company that provides medicines for the treatment and safety of animals. It is the world’s largest supply chain provider of animal health care products. In 2020, Covetrus recorded higher sales in comparison to that in 2019. In 2020, Covetrus generated total revenue of $4.33B.



Revenue: $4.70B

Founded: 1891

Market Cap: $192.38B

Total Employees: 74,000

Headquarter: Kenilworth, New Jersey, United States

Stock Exchange: NYSE

MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co provides innovative portfolios along with services and technologies to prevent, treat and control diseases across all major farm and companion animal species. In July 2020, Merck Animal Health received FDA approval for Bravecto. In August 2020, Merck animal health completed the acquisition of IdentiGen. In 2020, Merck Animal Health recorded total revenue of $4.70B.



Revenue: $5.03B

Founded: 1885

Market Cap: N/A

Total Employees: 51,944

Headquarter: Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

Stock Exchange: N/A

Boehringer Ingelheim is a globally leading and research-driven biopharmaceutical company. It is one of the largest providers of veterinary vaccines and medicines. In the Animal health category, the company’s key drug Nexgard generated sales of $0.98B. In 2020, Boehringer Ingelheim generated total revenue of $5.03B from its animal health segment.



Revenue: $6.67B

Founded: 2012

Market Cap: $114.29B

Total Employees: 11,300

Headquarter: Madison, New Jersey, United States

Stock Exchange: NYSE

Zoetis is a rapidly growing leader in the animal health care industry focusing its targets on advancing the health of animals. It focuses on developing a diverse portfolio of animal health products. In February 2020, Zoetis received FDA approval for Simparica Trio, a new combination parasite preventative for Dogs. In November 2020, Zoetis Received European Commission Marketing Authorization for Librela. In 2020, Zoetis recorded total sales of $6.67B.

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